With the financial crisis moving towards the end, we can see an improvement in the overall economic climate, an increase in consumption and industrial production volume and progress in science and technology. With the growing pace of trade and export, there is rise of competition and human aspiration for nature preservation and protection, which leads to the emergence of new liquid and bulk cargoes, the broadening range of unpacked raw materials and products and the expansion of transportation geography.
Due to the constant global price dynamics of bulk and liquid raw materials or products, due to the separate national laws and differences in tax policies and due to the specific market needs and differences in labour costs and prices of energetic resources, it often becomes economically purposeful to carry liquid and bulk raw materials or products within a distance as long as several thousand kilometres. Shipping cargoes in cisterns means dealing with a specific type of hauling. The problem is that although there is a great deal of information, it is complex, unconcentrated and constantly changing, therefore, often companies find it difficult to get the necessary road tankers for the transportation of bulk or liquid loads.

As a result, European transport markets have recently been in need for a specific (special) type of transport, namely road tank trailers , and its volumes, which should significantly increase in the near future. 

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